Blue Cheese Burger Amazing

There is nothing more tantalizing than the flavor and texture of Angus meat served sizzling hot on a sweet bun and topped with flavor-bursting blue cheese. How did we create this mouthwatering concept of a blue cheese burger? Let’s unravel the mystery of blue cheese burger amazing.

Angus Burger

Angus beef comes from the Aberdeen Angus cow. This sturdy breed was originally imported from Scotland and favored for its high marbling content that makes the meat taste so good. It all began on the 17th day of May back in 1873, when a man named George Grant brought four Angus bulls for crossbreeding. Once the quality was realized, creating a pure breed for the quality of the meat was the only option. Today, Angus meat creates the ultimate burger. But something special at Camp House Bar and Grill makes this burger more than just a burger.

Blue Cheese Burger

There is a little history behind this something more. Legend has it that blue cheese was first discovered when a young boy was snacking on bread and milk of the ewe. He became a little distracted by a nearby girl and abandoned his snack in the cave. He returned a few months later to discover his old meal was transformed into Roquefort blue cheese. That was just one of the many types of blue cheese, and the beginning of the creamy, soft, and crumbly texture of blue cheese that makes an Angus burger taste better.

Black and Bleu Angus Burger

The Camp House Bar and Grill does Angus burgers right with a Black and Bleu Angus Chuck Burger, blackened and topped with blue cheese crumbles. The juices from this mouthwatering burger explode in the mouth with perfectly moist texture that is infused with just the right balance of delicious seasoning. It’s topped with blue cheese crumbles that give it that zesty blue cheese flavor, and crisp lettuce, pickles and onions to absolute perfection.

Come on over to Camp House Bar and Grill in Sanford and order up the Black and Bleu Angus Chuck Burger to taste some blue cheese burger amazing!