Sanford Restaurants with Legendary Chili

While there are many legends of chili, a Dallas millionaire, Everrette DeGolyer, claimed that the first recipe for chili mix was created about 1850 by Texan cowboys, and became a staple food on those tough trails along the California gold fields and near Texas. The recipe called for dried beef, pepper, salt, fat, and chili peppers all pounded and shaped into small stackable rectangles that could be added to boiling water for a delicious bowl of chili later. This was the “brick chili” that cowboys boiled in pots along the trails. Through all its rich history, chili has found its way to the modern country table in Sanford restaurants.

Chili on the Trails to Sanford Restaurants

From Texan trails to the can, chili has come a long way on a journey to a fresh country bowl in Sanford restaurants. As the tale goes, trail cooks planted oregano, onions and peppers along trails for cowboys to cook while on trail drives. Range Canning Company at Fort McKavett, Texas and William Gerard Tobin, a former Texas Ranger, collaborated to create a canned chili. By the 1920’s, chili parlors were all over the West as nothing more than a shack, counter and stools separated by a blanket to a kitchen. In May of 1977, Texas Governor, Dolph Briscoe, signed House Concurrent Resolution No. 18 (HCR 18) to make chili the state dish of Texas. Modern country Sanford restaurants are still serving delicious bowls of that legendary chili today.

Chili in our Sanford Restaurants

Pull up a stool to the bar in modern country Sanford restaurants, like Camp House Bar and Grill, and enjoy the taste of country chili the country way. The burst of flavor in a delicious bowl of hot chili made with beef, beans and the perfect blend of chili spices at a country table makes the Camp House Bar and Grill the best of Sanford restaurants. Come on down to the Camp House Bar and Grill in Sanford to taste the South, where we hunt together, fish together and eat together.