Sanford Restaurants with the Best Gator

If you’re not from the South, eating alligator might be a little foreign. In these parts, us country folk enjoy this tasty delicacy. Florida is known for alligators with a population of about two million, give or take the uncountable. Camp House Bar and Grill is one of the best Sanford restaurants that is known for bringing the tastiest gator tail to the table.

Sanford Restaurants HAVE A SECRET

There is nothing like gathering around the table with the hunting family and friends for some delicious hand prepared citrus marinated gator nuggets. What makes gator taste so good? Sanford restaurants have a secret and it's found here. Camp House Bar and Grill is set apart from other Sanford restaurants by their Southern hospitality and their famous gator tail bites. The deliciousness is measured by the quality of the gator and the preparation of the meat.

Sanford Restaurants Serve Gator

Gator is a staple food of the South and has been served up by native tribes for thousands of years. Many say it tastes a little like chicken with a hint of fish and the texture of pork. I say, you might think you've tasted one gator and tasted them all, but you haven’t truly tasted gator until you have tasted the gator bites at Camp House Bar and Grill. While other Sanford restaurants are serving gator tail, Camp House Bar and Grill is serving savory gator bites from the country kitchen to the gathering table.

Camp House Does Gator Right

Come on down to one of the best Sanford restaurants for the flavor of the South and some of the tastiest gator bites around. We hunt together, fish together and eat together. Join your hunting family and friends at the table. What makes gator taste so good? Camp House Bar and Grill does.