The Best Chicken Wings

Chicken wings are a staple of Southern cooking, and an essential part of game time. But not every chicken wing is equal. The debate over grilled or fried, hot or mild and all the seasoning between brings us to the ultimate wing tasting challenge to decide on the best country chicken wings in town. A little history and a whole lot of tasting brings some resolution to this matter.

We might credit the south for the tradition, but the idea of cooking up wings in a delicious peppery sauce was born in 1964 in Buffalo, New York. When the co-owner of a small bar cooked up some chicken wings in some leftover hot sauce, and served them up with celery slices and blue cheese sauce, Buffalo Wings were born. The concept caught on and evolved into a variety of seasonings and sauces to make our favorite chicken wings just the way we like them, crispy on the outside, tinder in the middle and bursting with juicy flavor. With a variety of sauces, and the choice between frying and grilling, we have a little work to discover the best country chicken wings around.

Grilled Chicken Wings

Are grilled chicken wings better than fried? Grilled chicken wings are generally slathered with spice rubs, and placed on a grill to bring out that delicious grilled flavor without the crisp of fried wings. The seasoning is just as creative as when frying. The chicken wings are often tossed in herbs and a marinade seasoning before placing them on the fire. Once placed on the grill, additional seasoning can be brushed on to give that extra level of spicy savory flavor. The temperature of the flame determines how quickly they cook, and affects the texture of the meat. To determine which is better, we need a little taste of fried chicken wings.

Fried Chicken Wings

It’s an old Southern tradition to fry up chicken wings to pack the flavor in a crispy savory coating around a tender center sealed by the frying. Every variety of herbs, marinades and rubs are all game when it comes to wings, and frying offers no exception. The difference between grilled and fried is found in that crispy coating of mouthwatering chicken wing perfection. Either way you choose it, it is all about the creativity of the chef, and the texture created in the fryer. Removed at just the right temperature and served with some tasty sauces, it’s bon appétit or some plain good eat’n.

Like most things, the decision between fried and grilled seems like it all comes down to preference. Sometimes chicken wings are fried a little before being tossed on the grill, creating a tantalizing combination. Now, all you need to do is pick your favorite country kitchen, and decide between hot and mild, your favorite seasoning and all the delicious sauces. If you are searching for the best country chicken wings in town, look no further than the Camp House Bar and Grill.

The Best Wings in Town

The Camp House Bar and Grill serves up chicken wings grilled or fried, and coated in wing sauce to meet your unique palate. Design your own wings and have them anyway you want. Select from mild, medium, hot, barbecue, honey barbecue, junkyard, garlic, teriyaki, lemon pepper, hot honey gold, sweet Thai chili or Carolina gold, and served with your favorite sauce and side. The Camp House Bar and Grill in Sanford wins the challenge of the best chicken wings in town. Whether it’s part of your Southern tradition or your game season, join the Camp House Bar and Grill for the best chicken wings around.

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